Sunday, September 26, 2010

Adjusting to Fall....

Well, the weather is proving that FALL is finally here!

1. The kid is in kindergarten..Yayyy!!!!!

2. We experienced our Indian Summer and now the weather is...COLD
3. I suddenly am craving donuts and apple cider.
4. I have officially packed and stored all of our summer clothes.
5. I now have to SHOP for fall clothing since I am barely fitting into some of last years wardrobe...

(excuse the head scarf....I keep my hair wrapped up until I reach my jobs parking lot, and then I (in a hurry) comb my hair down). #dontjudgeme.
So..back to shopping for a new wardrobe... I have been trying to figure out what type of wardrobe I want to rock this fall. After a few discoveries, looks like I will be going for comfort! My first stop was Target. I am ADDICTED to TARGET! And I was able to find some very comfortable weekend/lounge wear.
They are Hanes EcoSmart Women's Sweat Pants. They were on sale for $7! I purchased four pair (black,pink, grey and purple). You can see them here (

 My second stop was JC Penny's for some jeans! I love this brand ... VIGOSS! They fit me in a very awesome way (LOL). The best thing about these jeans are that they only cost $19.99 - $24.99! I LOVE JCP!

Also, I'm a mom! So I couldn't forget about my little guy.  My third stop was Carters! I absolutely adore this store! The Kid is 5 and in a size 6, so he has maybe one year left with being able to wear the Carter brand :(. Yes, time has flown and my little guy is getting big! As I walked in, I notices a huge 50% off sign! Of course that table full of clothes was calling my name.. (heehee) I was able to find the little guy 5 outfits. Here is just one of the little outfits. It's a layered tee ($7) and some fleece pants ($8). He loves all of them :)

I know what you are thinking! What about hubby? Well hubby is 6'4, and it is hard to shop for him unless he is with me. So, I plan to take him shopping next weekend :)

                                            I welcome Fall! And  I am READY! :) Are you???

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