Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Our Mini Honeymoon!

Hubby and I were so excited that we were able to get away for a mini honeymoon. During the planning stages of our wedding, I was most concerned with paying for the wedding up front, all cash, no credit. Our goal was to be "debt free". I'm so happy were stuck with our budget and were able to actually pay for EVERYTHING and not incur any debt! Of course we had help from parents, which we are so grateful!

So anyway, as I mentioned above, my focus was the wedding, and not the honeymoon. I thought that we could focus on a mini moon soon after all the wedding festivities were over and everything got back to normal.

A few weeks after the wedding, I started researching affordable honeymoon options. If you don't know by now, I am a very frugal person! I stretch the hell out of a dollar! I searched, and searched and searched!! I also have to mention that I thought it would be a great idea to take our son.I know, I know! Who takes there kid on a honeymoon? Well, to settle your judgment... (LOL) Damian and I travel A LOT, and most of the time, we leave our little guy at home, well, when we travel out of the country - we leave our little guy with the grandparents. Well, I sort of made our son a promise. I told him the next time dad and mom leaves the country, we will take him with us. Yikes!!! Well that next time just so happened to be our honeymoon. So, there I was left to research a affordable honeymoon that would also allow for us to somehow get some PRIVACY while there.

DING!!DING!! DING!!! I got it!!!!! How about this...
1. Go to West Palm Beach and visit Hubby's fav aunt

2. Convince her and one of her friends to come along on a 3 day cruise (she looves to travel) that way, our kid can stay in there room :)

3. Take a 3 day cruise over to the Bahamas!

4.Find a affordable cruise (check) http://www.discoverycruiseline.com/ ($199.00/pp)

                                      5. Get the kids passport (check)
                                      6. Find some cheap flights (check) http://www.airtran.com/ ($191 roundtrip/pp)


My son and my hubby always fall asleep on the plane! :)

But let me take it back to the cruise ship, well, not really a cruise ship, more like a "cruise ferry".
We got the VIP package. It included advance boarding and debarking, a private lounge area, first to eat at the all you can eat breakfast buffet and a 5 course dinner. It was really great! Have fun viewing our pictures!
The Cruise Ferry....

Chilling in the private lounge on the boat...

We stayed at the "Radisson Our Lucaya" Beach and Golf Resort on Grand Bahama Island..

Beautiful Lobby

The Room

The Resort

The Beach

The Food

The Fun & Relaxation

I have soooo many  pictures, but it just takes too long to upload them all! We had a amazing time and can't wait to get back. Grand Bahama Island was really nice, but next time we are going to visit Nassau :)

So for under $1200, we spent a few days in West Palm Beach, cruised over to Grand Bahamas, stayed there for 3 days, back to West Palm Beach for 2 days, and then back home! I think we did good!

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