Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Baby Fever??? Maybe??

Okay! I'll admit it! I have "baby fever". Now that all the festivities are over for 2010, I found myself bored with reading about anything wedding related. I know that I should be focused on going back to school, getting my credit up to par, and maybe purchasing a house - but I don't wanna!! waaahhh! I tried to focus on all those very important things "to do". But in the midst of researching and reading financial & educational blogs, etc - I ended up coming across all kind of baby blogs! Oh my! Why am I so addicted to reading blogs about women trying to conceive, motherhood, babies, etc.?! I don't what is going on, but it makes me want another baby! (FYI - we already have a 5 year old) Am I crazy? If so, who cares! It's my life and my thoughts. So, since this is my blog/journal, it would be okay for me to list out my thoughts regarding pro's and con' we go!

-We have a 5 year old! It was a breeze raising him!
- Ideally, I only wanted my kids to be 3 years apart age wise! We are 2 years behind!!
- We live in an apartment, but so what! We raised our 1st one in an apartment, and that was just fine!
- We aren't ready to committ to buying a house, but we can rent a Condo or a House until we are ready :)
- I really want to have my Masters by 2012, having a baby will interrupt my timing.

-We have an awesome support system! (ie. family)
-We are already the parents of a 5 year old, so we know what we are getting ourselves into.
-We will be young parents :)
- We both have careers,benefits and hopefully stable jobs me- 5years, him - 9 years.

-We live in an apartment
- We haven't saved for possible daycare expenses.
- This economy (jobs are'nt guaranteed these days)
- Can we afford another baby?
- We would have to give up traveling so much
- Gaining more WEIGHT!! Yikes!
- The baby won't have it's own room :(

IDK? I'll add more to both the lists later, but we are in the "???" faze. My honest feelings are, I did it  as a senior in college with no job.I should be able to do it as a wife, mother of one already, and a career woman with benefits! LOL


  1. Scratch out that con list & get busy on my niece;)

  2. At least your babies would only be 5 or 6 years apart. Great timing still, I think. My daughter is about to be 18 and my husband and I are planning to start trying to conceive in November. Crazy right!?! I'll have one in college and one in diapers. Wait.. I may wanna re-think this. lolol

  3. Wow! Well gon ahead girl! Crossing my fingers for you! :)