Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Reflections: Our Wedding Day

I never shared pictures of my wedding day, so I figured, why not now? I often go back and look at our engagements pictures, and I fall in love all over again!

I then move on and relflect on our wedding day, and tears come to my eyes. It was everything that I had ever dreamed of! I woke up in love, enjoyed my entire day with family in friends, in love and ended the night with my husband...in love. Hubby and I were on a nutral high of just being in love. So take a moment with me and reflect on how two individuals spent heir weding day...in love.

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Our Wedding Day

Friday, October 29, 2010


I have been really quiet in the blog world! But, it's for a really awesome reason! Stay tuned friends!!!!!

I'll leave you with this...my favorite guilty pleasure!


Sunday, September 26, 2010

Adjusting to Fall....

Well, the weather is proving that FALL is finally here!

1. The kid is in kindergarten..Yayyy!!!!!

2. We experienced our Indian Summer and now the weather is...COLD
3. I suddenly am craving donuts and apple cider.
4. I have officially packed and stored all of our summer clothes.
5. I now have to SHOP for fall clothing since I am barely fitting into some of last years wardrobe...

(excuse the head scarf....I keep my hair wrapped up until I reach my jobs parking lot, and then I (in a hurry) comb my hair down). #dontjudgeme.
So..back to shopping for a new wardrobe... I have been trying to figure out what type of wardrobe I want to rock this fall. After a few discoveries, looks like I will be going for comfort! My first stop was Target. I am ADDICTED to TARGET! And I was able to find some very comfortable weekend/lounge wear.
They are Hanes EcoSmart Women's Sweat Pants. They were on sale for $7! I purchased four pair (black,pink, grey and purple). You can see them here (http://preview.tinyurl.com/38ru5f9)

 My second stop was JC Penny's for some jeans! I love this brand ... VIGOSS! They fit me in a very awesome way (LOL). The best thing about these jeans are that they only cost $19.99 - $24.99! I LOVE JCP!

Also, I'm a mom! So I couldn't forget about my little guy.  My third stop was Carters! I absolutely adore this store! The Kid is 5 and in a size 6, so he has maybe one year left with being able to wear the Carter brand :(. Yes, time has flown and my little guy is getting big! As I walked in, I notices a huge 50% off sign! Of course that table full of clothes was calling my name.. (heehee) I was able to find the little guy 5 outfits. Here is just one of the little outfits. It's a layered tee ($7) and some fleece pants ($8). He loves all of them :)

I know what you are thinking! What about hubby? Well hubby is 6'4, and it is hard to shop for him unless he is with me. So, I plan to take him shopping next weekend :)

                                            I welcome Fall! And  I am READY! :) Are you???

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Our Mini Honeymoon!

Hubby and I were so excited that we were able to get away for a mini honeymoon. During the planning stages of our wedding, I was most concerned with paying for the wedding up front, all cash, no credit. Our goal was to be "debt free". I'm so happy were stuck with our budget and were able to actually pay for EVERYTHING and not incur any debt! Of course we had help from parents, which we are so grateful!

So anyway, as I mentioned above, my focus was the wedding, and not the honeymoon. I thought that we could focus on a mini moon soon after all the wedding festivities were over and everything got back to normal.

A few weeks after the wedding, I started researching affordable honeymoon options. If you don't know by now, I am a very frugal person! I stretch the hell out of a dollar! I searched, and searched and searched!! I also have to mention that I thought it would be a great idea to take our son.I know, I know! Who takes there kid on a honeymoon? Well, to settle your judgment... (LOL) Damian and I travel A LOT, and most of the time, we leave our little guy at home, well, when we travel out of the country - we leave our little guy with the grandparents. Well, I sort of made our son a promise. I told him the next time dad and mom leaves the country, we will take him with us. Yikes!!! Well that next time just so happened to be our honeymoon. So, there I was left to research a affordable honeymoon that would also allow for us to somehow get some PRIVACY while there.

DING!!DING!! DING!!! I got it!!!!! How about this...
1. Go to West Palm Beach and visit Hubby's fav aunt

2. Convince her and one of her friends to come along on a 3 day cruise (she looves to travel) that way, our kid can stay in there room :)

3. Take a 3 day cruise over to the Bahamas!

4.Find a affordable cruise (check) http://www.discoverycruiseline.com/ ($199.00/pp)

                                      5. Get the kids passport (check)
                                      6. Find some cheap flights (check) http://www.airtran.com/ ($191 roundtrip/pp)


My son and my hubby always fall asleep on the plane! :)

But let me take it back to the cruise ship, well, not really a cruise ship, more like a "cruise ferry".
We got the VIP package. It included advance boarding and debarking, a private lounge area, first to eat at the all you can eat breakfast buffet and a 5 course dinner. It was really great! Have fun viewing our pictures!
The Cruise Ferry....

Chilling in the private lounge on the boat...

We stayed at the "Radisson Our Lucaya" Beach and Golf Resort on Grand Bahama Island..

Beautiful Lobby

The Room

The Resort

The Beach

The Food

The Fun & Relaxation

I have soooo many  pictures, but it just takes too long to upload them all! We had a amazing time and can't wait to get back. Grand Bahama Island was really nice, but next time we are going to visit Nassau :)

So for under $1200, we spent a few days in West Palm Beach, cruised over to Grand Bahamas, stayed there for 3 days, back to West Palm Beach for 2 days, and then back home! I think we did good!

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Our "Thank You" Postcard

FINALLY! I am able to send out our THANK YOU cards! I am so excited! I love how they turned out.
You might say..."why are you just now sending out your thank you's..it's been 4 months!"
My Answer: I had soooo many events and situations that prevented me from attacking this task! From my BFF's wedding festivities, receiving a bad photo cd from my photographer (which she kindly replaced - love her)planning a 10 Year H.S. reunion, to a death in the family! Can you say..Whoa! Better late than never right? I know that once people receive their personalized "thank you", they will look past the lateness.

We took this picture while our guest were eating dinner. I ordered 100 FREE vistaprint postcards (they offer these type of deals if you are a repeat customer - which I am). I will write a personalized message to each guest. Yayy! I love them!

 So tell me...what do you think?

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Baby Fever??? Maybe??

Okay! I'll admit it! I have "baby fever". Now that all the festivities are over for 2010, I found myself bored with reading about anything wedding related. I know that I should be focused on going back to school, getting my credit up to par, and maybe purchasing a house - but I don't wanna!! waaahhh! I tried to focus on all those very important things "to do". But in the midst of researching and reading financial & educational blogs, etc - I ended up coming across all kind of baby blogs! Oh my! Why am I so addicted to reading blogs about women trying to conceive, motherhood, babies, etc.?! I don't what is going on, but it makes me want another baby! (FYI - we already have a 5 year old) Am I crazy? If so, who cares! It's my life and my thoughts. So, since this is my blog/journal, it would be okay for me to list out my thoughts regarding pro's and con's..here we go!

-We have a 5 year old! It was a breeze raising him!
- Ideally, I only wanted my kids to be 3 years apart age wise! We are 2 years behind!!
- We live in an apartment, but so what! We raised our 1st one in an apartment, and that was just fine!
- We aren't ready to committ to buying a house, but we can rent a Condo or a House until we are ready :)
- I really want to have my Masters by 2012, having a baby will interrupt my timing.

-We have an awesome support system! (ie. family)
-We are already the parents of a 5 year old, so we know what we are getting ourselves into.
-We will be young parents :)
- We both have careers,benefits and hopefully stable jobs me- 5years, him - 9 years.

-We live in an apartment
- We haven't saved for possible daycare expenses.
- This economy (jobs are'nt guaranteed these days)
- Can we afford another baby?
- We would have to give up traveling so much
- Gaining more WEIGHT!! Yikes!
- The baby won't have it's own room :(

IDK? I'll add more to both the lists later, but we are in the "???" faze. My honest feelings are, I did it  as a senior in college with no job.I should be able to do it as a wife, mother of one already, and a career woman with benefits! LOL

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

My first post!

Welcome to my first blogspot post! I just made the transition from http://www.weebly.com/ over to blogspot and I am in the first stages of learning how this works, so bare with me!

You might remember me from here:

Yes? No? Maybe? (shrugs shoulders), maybe not. Well, let me introduce myself.


I'm Mrs. B.P

Recently married,

One adorable Kid,




Nice to meet you too!

I will blog about any and everything that's going on with me and the WORLD! I am just about at the 4 month anniversary of our wedding day and I am enjoying the so called "honeymoon faze".

So yes, thanks for the warm welcome..I can feel the love :)