Thursday, November 10, 2011

Geez!! So Busy!!

Seriously, I feel like I need a secretary! How do people do it with 3 kids or more! I can hardly handle my schedule and things to do working full time with 2 kids and a hubby! Okay so here is my to do list...look at how crazy this is!

wash all comforters
wash extra linens for moms party
pump breast milk - EVERY 4 hours!!
mom's party pictures - print and organize
renew license
organize my list of "things to blog about"
get birth certificate for baby (yes! i still haven't done this)
register for new health insurance
switch car insurance stuff
pay for license tags
post office
hair appointment
baby needs shots
document my son's half days of school
make baby food
grocery shopping
pay bills
mail off invites for moms party
print more invites
finalize linens
pay off dj, linens,photographer, and food
order cake, pay for cake
turn in my final vaca days to manager
look up requested info for hubby
brother coming into town- hang with him Sunday
go see Chrisette Michele this Saturday w/BFF
get son's hair cut
buy hubby some cologne
oh!! we need paper towel and toilet paper
get gas...almost on E!
Oh and get SOME SLEEP! (not likely to happen for a while)

I mean REALLY!!! I feel like a nutcase!!! Anyone want to be my intern? LOL Just kidding!

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